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Common brand names

Single ingredient

  • Ventaja Topical Solution for Dogs and Cats

Combined ingredients

  • Abogado Topical Solution for Dogs and Cats (with Moxidectin)
  • Advantix Topical Solution for Dogs and Cats (with Permethrin)
  • Seresto Collar for Dogs and Cats (with Flumethrin)

Generic products are available.

Uses of Imidacloprid

Imidacloprid is a broad-spectrum insecticide and lousicide used to control fleas in dogs and cats, and lice in dogs. It is often combined with other ingredients including Permethrin or Moxidectin to treat ticks, mites or internal parasites.

Method of application

An external application, supplied as a topical/spot-on solution.

Dosage and administration

Imidacloprid topical solution is available in both canine and feline formulas, with the dosage determined by body weight. Please weigh your pet before administering, and only use products on the animal for which they are intended.

Imidacloprid kills existing fleas within 24 hours and provides residual protection for up to a month. Treatment should be administered every month for continued protection against fleas on dogs and cats, and lice on dogs.

More frequent applications may be needed in some environments. In these cases, do not apply more than once weekly.

Recommended application sites vary between dogs and cats, and between dogs of different sizes. Follow the package directions carefully to ensure maximum efficacy.

Possible side effects

Transient skin irritation or hair loss may occur at the site of application.

Animals that lick the application site immediately after treatment may experience increased salivation. This is due to the bitter taste of the product and is not an adverse reaction.

Reported side effects in animals treated with Imidacloprid include drooling, loss of coordination, tremors, and depression.


Imidacloprid is for external use only and should not be given orally.

Do not apply to broken skin.

No permita que los animales tratados recientemente se acicalen entre sí.

Do not use on dogs or cats under 8 weeks of age.

Safe for use with pregnant or nursing dogs and cats.

Do not use on unweaned kittens or puppies. Treatment administered to the mother will protect the litter.

Signs of toxicity

Imidacloprid toxicity may occur through incorrect dosing, or from accidental ingestion when the animal licks the site of application.

Symptoms of toxicity include fatigue/lethargy, convulsions, breathing problems, unstable gait, tremors, and cramps.

If you suspect your pet has had an overdose, please contact your veterinarian immediately.


Store below 30°C/86°F.


This information is provided for general reference only and is not intended to replace the packaging label or veterinary advice. This page may not include all side effects, uses, brand names or applications.


Imidacloprid drug information sheet
Imidacloprid Information Sheet

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