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Lo que estos gatos pueden hacer es salir de este mundo! [VÍDEO]

 Por wai el 11 oct 2022 |
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Move over Food on my Dog - here's Stuff on My Cat, Shironekoshiro, the hit feline sensation from Japan.

Shironeko is also known as the 'basket cat' and has been making internet waves for his propensity to sleep in baskets, but it's his steady head-ing that's has our jaws on the floor. But it seems like his whole family is well-trained in the 'paw'-sics of balancing objects on their bodies.
Are these guys drugged???

I'm not game enough to try this on my cat (she barely tolerates the collar on her neck as it is) but if any of you are able to duplicate this amazing gravity defying feat - we'd love to know!

Comentario (s)2

KatWrangler - Comment
KatWrangler26 de mayo de 2014Reply
My cats are basket cats, too. But if I ever tried to stack things on them, I'd be making a trip to Urgent Care :)
Beverly - Comment
Beverly26 de mayo de 2014Reply
Love the cats!!! I also loved the duet with Elaine and Susan. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm leaving the others to enjoy little by little . . . .

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